Things You Should Know While Preparing For the CA Exam

10 Things You Should Know While Preparing For The CA Exam

Chartered Accountancy has always been a popular professional course in India, which is managed and regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). It is a prerequisite exam, which is conducted in three levels.

CA Foundation is the first stage; post this exam, one has to clear the other two stages, which are the intermediate and final stages.

After taking several months of training and preparing at classes for CA in Mumbai, Candidates qualify in all the levels of ICAI examinations for being certified Chartered Accountants.

The ICAI CA exam is divided into three stages

  1. CA Foundation
  2. CA Inter
  3. CA Final

If you are worried about how to crack the CA exam on the first attempt, here are the top 10 CA exam preparation tips. This article will enhance your morale as well as your confidence level.

Expand the scope of the study material –

There is no doubt that this examination is like a sea where you need to dive deep into it. So the first thing you need to do is get familiar with your syllabus and analyze the pattern of the paper.

The syllabus explains the various topics and sub-topics covered under each level, whereas the exam pattern explains the time duration, types of questions asked, and related details. Stay up-to-date with regular course materials as the syllabus changes every other year.

This is the crucial thing in CA exam preparation tips, as this can make or break your dream of adding that prefix to your name.

Study regularly with dedication and hard work –

It takes a lot of time and effort to crack this difficult course, but sticking to regular study will help you prepare for the exam. You can make your timetable and plan your schedule at least 15 days ahead of time.

In the meantime, you will get to revise the whole course multiple times through regular studies. As the course in this field is too vast, daily studying is necessary to get through the CA exams. Breaking down your portion into a group of studies within the allotted time will help in completing your final exam.

Trust your instincts; don’t put extra stress on –

Don’t put yourself under much stress; trust your instincts. Each student has a different study pattern and method. So allow your mind to stay positive, eat healthily, and get yourself some rest to prepare for exams. A fresh mind with concentration and determination to pass exams is effective.

Select the right CA coaching institute –

Choosing the right CA coaching institute, such as AJ Next Education, will help you find yourself with the right guidance. Working hard and making the best efforts to increase your performance will help you score better in each subject.

There are classes for CA in Mumbai for cracking every level of the CA exam. You need to attend both CA Foundation classes in Mumbai and CA Inter classes in Mumbai for a CA certification.

Have proper guidance for the exam from CA foundation classes in Mumbai –

Having proper guidance plays a crucial role in passing your CA exam. So you may take the help of any pass-out CA students who have scored well in the exams. A dedicated number of hours every day will surely help in cracking your exams.

Attending your coaching class and tuition under your professor’s guidance will help you clear the difficult papers.

Maintain important notes and points for each subject –

A well-planned thing is well accomplished, so when you are ready to begin your preparation, the first thing you do is maintain sticky points and make a proper study plan for a full year of preparation.

Note down the significant points from each chapter of your reading material. So that you will have a clear idea of important topics to revise before your exam date.

Keep in touch with the theory subjects –

Make a concerted effort to revise your theory subjects periodically. Every CA course has a large portion to cover, so divide your subjects into smaller modules and then do your revisions.

You should study and practice each subject, especially the theory ones, as most of the students concentrate on practical ones. Practice all practical and theoretical topics based on the subjects. Collect all the theory papers from previous years and go through each question carefully.

Give a mock test to check your progress –

It is a must to practice the papers before the exams. Giving a mock test will not only test your knowledge but also improve your writing speed and skills. A Mock test will help with your final appearance and set your time limit when you answer the paper.

In addition to this, answering as many questions as possible from your revision papers will assist you in determining your strengths and weaknesses.

Learn time management in solving papers –

It’s important to remember that you have only 15 minutes to read the question paper. So note down the questions that you are most familiar with and try to attempt the answers first. Then you can proceed to the next questions afterwards and complete your answer sheet.

Refrain from the virtual world –

One of the important things to prepare yourself for the CA exam preparation tips is to refrain from the virtual world. During your prep days, don’t waste your time on social media.

You can use the Internet for study purposes. The Internet helps in exam preparation, from downloading mock test papers and notes to other important things you can use. But you need to turn off your notifications and set a fixed time limit to browsing.

Final Word

Candidates who are preparing for the CA exam need to cram almost 12,000 pages of study material. You have to study with dedication, schedule your study time, attend classes regularly, and prepare yourself with an effective preparation strategy. So, if you were looking for answers on how to write a CA exam paper, these tips are sure to motivate you to achieve your goal.

Moreover, ask AJ Next Education about the next batch for foundation, inter, and final. We’re the leading CA classes in Mumbai with expert faculty, state of the art infrastructure, a modern learning environment, updated study material and above all affordable and flexible fee structure.

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