What is the best strategy to Revise full course of CA Final in One Month?

CA Finals is amongst the toughest professional qualification examination with a very low passing percentage. To pass CA Final Exams you have to make a proper study plan, study hard for atleast 15-16 hours daily, all through the year with proper concentration and practice a lot of questions to gain clarity of the concepts.

The Best Strategy to Revise full course in Last One Month and pass CA Final Exams

When you are appearing for a prestigious professional exam like the CA Final Exam, it is a given that you must have regularly study the course throughout the year. But given the importance of the exam it is imperative that you revise the entire curriculum in the last month to refresh all the concepts in your mind again. To cover such a vast syllabus in a short period of one month is a daunting task. But you can easily do this with the guidance of  AJ Next, India’s finest CA final coaching institute in Mumbai.

As the best CA Final classes in Mumbai we suggest that you adopt the following study strategy to revise the Full Course of CA Final in One Month:

First and foremost don’t get overly stressed. It’s a fact of life that every exam gives all of us tension, but remember that a worried mind cannot solve problems and best results are produced when you are not overly stressed. So have a positive attitude and if you have been preparing systematically and consistently all through the year, you will feel confident, not overly stressed.

Depending upon your preparation throughout the year decide whether you want to attempt giving One Group or Both the Groups. This is one evaluation of yourself that you will have to do yourself in all honesty and decide. If you are fully prepared and confident then give both the groups together, if not then its better to concentrate on just one group and pass it.

Don’t get distracted and always stay focused on your study.

Prepare a Time-table for studying and stick to it. It is best. Our experience as the best CA Final coaching classes in Mumbai makes us advise our students that it is best to prepare a time-table by dividing time between each subject as per your ability and by allocating a certain number of hours to each topic in a day. It is ideal that you take 2 or 3 subjects per day and pre-determine the time in which you will complete those subjects. This will prepare you for all the subjects and you won’t face the dilemma that you are ready in a few subjects and some other subjects you are not ready due to paucity of time or lack of planning.

Besides don’t stick to theory alone for the entire day, allocate proper time to both theoretical and practical subjects each day.

As the best CA coaching in India, having mentored thousands of students we fully realize that most students have a week subject and strong subjects. So you have to prepare one subject in such a way that it covers your aggregate marks. Find out your strong subjects and weak subjects, make your strong subjects stronger so that you cover the aggregates and try and make your weak subjects as strong as possible.

Revise from our carefully prepared notes in our summary modules.  As the finest CA classes in Mumbai, our notes have the best organized and most relevant content which is precise, easy and simple to understand and remember. Focus on the concepts. Instead of trying to learn what to do, understand the why it should be done that way, because it is the thing that will prepare you for life and help you become a successful CA.

Another thing that we advise our students is to that they should not wait to complete all subjects and then start RTP and MTP. Rather they should cover RTP and MTP immediately upon completing a subject. Also practicing CA Final previous years papers and our Mock Test Papers will help them prepare for the exam a lot.

As the best CA final coaching institute in Mumbai, we always emphasize that you should always focus on and be updated on the latest amendments, laws and provisions.

AS,IND AS and SA are highly scoring parts of Auditing and Accounting. Also always write the Section Numbers correctly.

As the best CA coaching in India, we think that at AJ Next it is our duty to remind our students that:

It is important for them to concentrate on their writing skills as presentation is the most important part of CA Final Exams. Carefully study our Study Materials prepared by experienced faculty, observe the writing pattern and structure and begin practicing writing the answers accordingly. More over we strongly recommend that they should first write the answer and then compare the answer to the solution, so that they realize their mistake.

Learn to manage your time and writing speed.CA Final papers are very lengthy and hence you need to write speedily to complete the papers. Therefore in the last month you should time yourself and attempt to solve as many practice manuals, mock tests, revision test papers and previous years exam papers as possible.

Moreover you should understand the weightage of marks and devote time accordingly.

Solve MCQ’s

Use mnemonics technique to memorise headings.

So we at AJ Next, India’s best CA final coaching institute in Mumbai, always advise our students thatstudying systematically and consistently throughout the year and revising smartly during the last one month are the secret to pass CA Final exams.

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