Top 5 ways to motivate yourself when you don't feel like studying

5 Best tips to motivate yourself when you don’t feel like studying

Having to complete all of that studying and catching up on reading from previous weeks may be a pain at times. We always wonder how to stay motivated when we don’t feel like studying.

It may be intimidating since, in addition to the studying, there may be a flood of questions that cause you to doubt yourself on a personal level, such as:

‘Do any of these assessments make sense to me?’ ‘Will I be able to write something interesting and relevant?’… ‘Will I do the right thing?’… ‘Can I do this?’ ‘Others appear to be more organized than I am…’ What if I make a mistake?

Motivational tips for studying:

1.Be your own master, chart your own path

Often, we are cruising through our preparations, everything seems to be falling and storing in the appropriate areas of the brain, and then you receive a call from a colleague with a question about a completely different subject/topic. And what happens after that? You’ve gone off the deep end. You’re probably thinking about how and why you didn’t start with that topic. Is this the bad way to go about it?

Everyone has their own schedule and preferences. Everyone does not have the same study routine. As a result, it is critical that you remain unaffected by such meaningless thoughts. When you’re in your zone, avoid receiving calls. Make a list of items you wish to clarify with a buddy and schedule a time when both of you are available to discuss them. This not only helps you stay on track with your plan, but it also shows respect for another person’s time and study routine.

2.Break the material into pieces-

The work ahead appears to be overwhelming, which is a significant source of procrastination. That is when you must “chunk down.” Divide each work into manageable parts. Set a daily goal for yourself to complete a specific number of those portions. Suddenly, you’re not confronted with a daunting assignment, but with a series of doable chunks.

3.Make a schedule taking all things into account. (the best amongst all study motivation tips)

Even while studying at home, some discipline is necessary, and time is the best teacher. Create your own timetable and select the times that work best for you. While some people are night owls and find their attention is at its best at night, others may not. Recognize your own talents and weaknesses, and plan your time accordingly.

Divide your schedule based on subjects rather than time. Your weak points require more work, and your strong ones may be improved with a simple edit. Make notes when studying, and don’t forget to include some free time in your schedule to refresh and re-energize your mind.

4.Close your ears to the surrounding chatter

Concentrate on what you’re doing and have faith in your abilities. It’s understandable to have doubts about yourself at times, given that you’re already in a vulnerable position. But, anytime this idea occurs to you, simply brush it off and get on with your day’s plans.

5.All will be fine in the end-

You might feel uninspired and it is okay to feel that way. Relax! Everyone around you is squabbling. It’s only that their battle differs from yours. Every day is a fresh start. Make up for what you missed the previous day. If you can’t find incentive elsewhere, become your own. Continue to look forward; the past is no longer relevant.

Eventually, after reading all the motivational tips for studying, we have to realize that we are the ones who have to motivate ourselves in any way possible. Keeping your timetable well organized will keep you away from stress. AJ Education Next provides a holistic course for CA preparation that helps you stay organized and motivated.

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