Tips to Prepare For CA Final Multidisciplinary Case Study

How to Prepare For The CA Final Multidisciplinary Case Study?

Indian exams are designed in such a way that you need to study those subjects sometimes that has nothing to do with the profession/ job you are preparing for. Dozens of books full of the theory are what is needed to crack those exams and the surprising factor is that very few books only include practical aspects of real-life aspects of that field. One of the exception papers from an exam point of view is Multidisciplinary Case Study (MDCS) introduced by ICAI.

You need to crack this exam in order to clear CA(Chartered Accountant) final exam and CS (Company secretary). MDCS  is an open book exam that includes case studies, case laws, and real-life problems faced by a company secretary.

In this article, We, AJ Next Education, the best CA final coaching classes in Mumbai will discuss all required information about MDCS, preparation strategy, and syllabus covered in detail.

What is Multidisciplinary Case Study?

A multidisciplinary Case study is an open book real-life problem-solving paper. MDCS is not an old subject, in fact, it is the latest one introduced by ICAI. It is introduced in order to let the student study real-life problems faced by the company secretary and the best possible way to solve them.

It’s all about studying real-life case studies and understanding the practical aspects of the company secretary. MDCS is an open book exam required to crack by the students in order to get a professional degree.

This subject includes different fields of law for example competition law, insolvency law, company law, security law, corporate law, and a few others. MDCS questions paper is divided into 2 parts, first is a comprehension-type case study. Every question of the first part weighs 10 marks.

It is considered to be on the tougher side comparably because it generally includes questions from outside the module. Another part of the paper includes case studies from the module itself.

How to Prepare for CA Final Multidisciplinary Case Study?

Prepare last –

The multidisciplinary Case study is not like other subjects, it includes practical case studies. So keeping this in mind, one should start preparing for this paper when all other subjects’ preparation is almost over.  And finishing all subjects will also help you solve and understand MDCS.

Writing practice –

Time management is the most vital part of the MDCS paper, We repeat the most crucial part. Even after preparing for the best in terms of theory, practicals, and problem-solving abilities you may lose your marks due to the time limit. So practice writing as much as you can.

Do group studies –

Case studies are something that the more you discuss, the more you will understand.  There can be various aspects of a situation that one can’t think about. But when that is discussed among different brains, you will get to know and learn about different aspects and facts about it.

Make a group of a bunch of people, and everyone will attempt one case study every day, now you know how productive and time-saving it’ll be. In one day you can note down, understand and discuss 10-12 case studies. This is one of the highly productive strategies for the CA Final multidisciplinary case study.

Cover one case study per day –

If you have time then at least complete one case study per day on a daily basis. This will make your fundamentals, facts, and subject strong.

Make notes and summary notes –

Must prepare notes of whatever you have learned, discussed, or understand at our own or at the CA Foundation Classes in Mumbai. Complete a case study, then note down everything you need to revise in a clear and concise way. Make notes of every case law in a concise way so it would be easier for you to go through it again.

Keep updated with ICAI notifications –

Keep on checking new updates from ICAI or else you can miss a lot of important notifications.

Attempt complete paper –

Never leave any questions, try and attempt the complete paper. It has been observed many times that ICAI prefers attempted questions and gives some marks to them. So practice your writing ability accordingly.

Carry notes, summary, modules, and other resources –

Take all notes, summary notes, books, modules, papers, and whatever resource you have with you. You can face questions from anywhere so if you have an option, don’t leave any stone unturned. Put everything in a bag and carry them. All the best

Keep yourself calm in the examination center –

No need to worry, relax and face with a smile on your face. Have a faith in yourself and you’ll score well.

What is the CA Final Multidisciplinary Case Study Syllabus?

The aim of a multidisciplinary Case study aims to examine students on the basis of theoretical, practical as well as problem-solving abilities. It basically tests a student’s ability to deal with questions from every required aspect.

The syllabus of the multidisciplinary Case study includes various case studies related to different laws that you need to practice and go through.

The detailed syllabus of the multidisciplinary Case study is given below

  1. Corporate laws including company law
  2. Securities law
  3. FEMA and other economic and business legislation
  4. Insolvency law
  5. Competition law
  6. Business strategy and management
  7. Interpretation of law
  8. Governance issue

These are various topics you need to cover in order to prepare for multidisciplinary Case study exams for the CA final.

Final Word

Though a Multidisciplinary case study paper sounds tough, however, with proper guidance and strategies, you can well score well just like others. We at AJ Next Education give complete teaching and guidance on every subject for CA enabling students in passing the exam on the first attempt.

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