Tips And Tricks For Passing The SCMPE Exam On The First Try

Tips And Tricks For Passing The SCMPE Exam On The First Try

It is every student’s dream to study and pass exams with flying colours but this dream can only be fuelled by the passion for hard work and the readiness to give it the best shot. It may involve sacrificing a lot of things but as they say, no pain no gain. Of course, no exam is easy to crack but if one is determined to crack it by giving their hundred per cent, no dream shall stay unfulfilled.

However, when it comes to exams, CA exams are considered to be one of the most difficult exams to crack and there are various reasons for it such as a vast syllabus and a low success rate. If you are seeking CA Final coaching in Mumbai there is no better answer than AJ Next.

It is one of the premium institutes which provide exceptional coaching. With CA Anuj Jalota as the founder, he brings along with him years of experience and unparalleled expertise. If you often find yourself thinking about how to pass SCMPE Exam, look no further. He along with his illustrious team of mentors will teach you everything by helping you gain clarity about the concept.

Be it a SCMPE Crash Course that you wish to pursue in case you are short of time or a SCMPE Regular course that you wish to enrol for, you can be rest assured that the entire staff at AJ Next will help you achieve your dream.

We provide face-to-face lectures as well as provide access to pre-recorded lectures. We leave no stone unturned and we make sure that we help every student who enrols to become a Chartered Accountant. You can opt for the course that suits your needs as per your requirement. You can either opt for SCMPE Costing Crash Course or SCMPE Crash Course CA Final.

It is the excellent ability of Mr. Anuj Jalota to connect with students and to make them understand the concepts in innovative ways that has made AJ Next an established name in the coaching industry. He has helped many aspirants clear the exam with his phenomenal teaching style and if you too wish to write your success story, then this is the best place to seek coaching.

 SCMPE Crash Course plus is another course which is a little more advanced than regular courses provided by the other faculties in India. If not a crash course, you can enrol with this institute for their CA Final SCMPE Regular Course. Not only is SCMPE one of the most analytical subjects, it also requires the right guidance for clearing this subject in the exam as it needs conceptual clarity, critical thinking and logical reasoning. When it is about choosing an institute for clearing one of the toughest exams in the country, it is good to place your trust in a name that YOU can trust.

 Talking about how to score exemption in SCMPE CA Final, the best way is to study only the ICAI Study material. ICAI may add a few questions which are new but they can be easily solved if you have good clarity regarding the concept. Also, as per the CA Final SCMPE trend analysis, in December 2021 there were 60 and 65 marks allotted for in practical and theory exams. In May 2022, there were 36 and 89 marks allotted in practical and theory respectively.

Here are a few tips and tricks which shall help you pass the SCMPE exam on the first try:

  • Solve the questions without seeing the provided solutions. Once solved, you can then match the answers.
  • Solve as many mock test papers as you can.
  • Practice 2 to 3 previous attempts RTFs
  • Practice writing and solving the questions that require calculations.
  • Once you receive the question papers, do not panic. 
  • After you get the question paper, take about ten minutes to thoroughly read the questions. Then decide which answers will help you solve them fast. Attempt the easiest questions first and then go through the tough questions later. This shall help you build your confidence. Also, it gives a good first impression to the person correcting the papers or the examiner.
  • Ensure that you are rightly numbering all the questions because if you do it wrong, it will cause a major problem.
  • Ensure that you avoid scribbling or overwriting on the answer sheets.
  • Read the question twice to check what the required part is.
  • Prioritize the syllabus as per the weightage provided in the previous exams. For this, you can do a trend analysis of the papers from the last few years and then decide what you need to prioritize. Coaching institutes like these will also help you gauge the trend and provide the necessary inputs.
  • Topics such as decision making, pricing decisions and CVP analysis are important topics as they carry 25 to 30 marks and hence they deserve to be given more importance as you study.
  • Solve the ICAI test series as that is extremely important.
  • Case studies carry about 30% weight in the paper and hence should not be overlooked. Read the case thoroughly to understand what is asked. Then use your logical reasoning and critical thinking in order to arrive at the answers.
  • It is a good practice to prepare notes chapter-wise. One day before the exam, it is impossible to read the entire book to finish the syllabus. Such notes come in handy at that time where you can quickly go through the important points for a quick revision. This helps in saving time and gives a quick overview of all the important things that will help you during the exam.
  • Create a timetable to plan your studies.
  • Finally, there is no alternative to hard work and no shortcut to success. Be focussed and give your best shot as it will help you achieve success. 


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