Things You Need to Know About CA Articleship

Things You Need to Know About CA Articleship

More and more students these days are fascinated by the idea of pursuing their higher studies in CA, as it is one of the highest-paid professions all across India. Chartered accountancy abbreviated as CA is currently one of the most Favored courses in India.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds to be. It needs a lot of hard work to crack it and establish a successful career. For that matter, students need to enroll at a good CA class in Mumbai for passing all the levels of examination.

To become a successful Chartered Accountant, students also require an Articleship. In this blog, We’ll talk more about the Articleship.

What is CA Articleship?

Articleship is essentially important for every CA student as during the Arcticleship period they develop their basic skills and that is what determines what type of CA the person will become.

It is an invaluable experience which helps the students shape their careers. CA Articleship helps in strengthening the backbone of every student. The stronger the basics, the better the future. The CA Final level test may only be taken by applicants who have completed their Articleship.

In addition to studying for the CA Final tests, students may enrol in other professional courses and earn extra certifications to improve their employment prospects.

Eligibility criteria for CA Articleship

After passing one or both of the Intermediate/IPCC groups and the four-week Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS)/Information Technology Training (ITT) and Orientation Course for the Foundation/CPT path, students become eligible for an Articleship.

If a student is going to the Intermediate/IPCC Course directly, they don’t have to wait until you’ve finished the four-week ICITSS/ITT and OC to begin their Articleship or practical training.

Some Essential Things to know before joining Articleship

To know whether the firm you are choosing fits you or not you can consider certain conditions or Things to know before joining Articleship at a particular chartered Accounting firm and then decide on joining or not.

The first thing that you should give most emphasis on is selecting the right firm for yourself. Now a common question that might arise in the mind of every student who wants to do the Articleship is what firm is good?

The search for a list of good firms is never-ending. The reason is that no firm can be regarded to be bad or no firm can be Regarded to be good. The best way is to choose the best that provides ample opportunity for you to grow. You may seek help from your faculty at the CA final coaching classes.

Only considering if the firm fits your needs or not is not the only determinant that you should consider. You should also have knowledge about the number of audits the firm you are thinking to join owns. It is a general fact that not all the firms, all the time will have the same type and number of Articleship requirements.

Basic Skills required for CA Articleship

Before you opt for CA Articleship, there are certain skills that every student must possess.

Discipline, dedication And Balancing ability – Discipline and dedication are the most essential qualities. However, it is rarely found in Students. You need to know how much dedication you should have to achieve your dreams. However, you should not entirely allot all your time to achieve your dreams and leave out everything

Communicating skills – When you’ve decided to practice CA Articleship, you essentially need to have good communication skills. Communication skills are not taught when you are at your job places. So you need to already be well accustomed to ways how you can communicate well with others.

Management skills – Management is a basic criterion that is a necessary skill for every CA student. During the Articleship tenure, students usually don’t get much time to do their studies at home therefore they need to have proper time management skills so as to manage their studies for the CA finals as well as perform their job perfectly.

What we learn in CA Articleship

Wondering why you should go for a CA Articleship and why it’s necessary? We learn a lot of things during the CA Articleship course.

Every CA student learns a lot of things during their CA Articleship.  Here stated below are some of the things that we learn in CA Articleship


During the Articleship, You should definitely focus on the taxation area. Because when you will become a Chartered Accountant every firm that will hire you would want you to save them from the clutches of tax. Therefore you must possess all the necessary knowledge about taxation.

Auditing Skills

The activity of auditing includes right vouchering, giving the right opinions on financial statements to your client etc. When doing the Articleship you might be sent to various companies for the purpose of audit.

So during your Articleship, you will also be taught how to become a master of audit and you should learn to understand auditing theoretically and then apply what you have studied to your real-life dealings.

Final Word

A major query of every CA aspirant is where can they take proper classes and gain adequate knowledge so that they do not face unnecessary hurdles in the future. Before Articleship, students need proper guidance and help.

So for them undermentioned as some of the best CA classes in Mumbai which you can approach for your self or your child so that they learn better. We’re also result-oriented CA foundation classes in Mumbai and best classes for CA inter in Mumbai.

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