Terms and Conditions applicable for all students of AJ NEXT

1. Cheque has to be given in the name of “ANUJ JALOTA EDUCATION NEXT LLP – ONLINE ”. AJ’s is not responsible for any dishonour of any cheques in any way (whether it is for signature mismatch or insufficient balance or any other reason whatsoever).
2. For all the students availing installment facility, Post Dated Cheques (PDC) should be given at the time of admission and it is students’ duty to ensure cheques are honoured. Installments cannot be delayed for any reason.
3. If any cheque is dis – honoured then Rs. 500 has to be paid as bank charges and the amount has to be paid within 3 days in cash.
4. I- Cards must be carried by all students at all times. AJ’s staff will not allow a student to attend a lecture if the student is not carrying an i-card. If a student’s i-card is lost, a new i-card will be issued at fees of Rs. 200. Anyone who tampers with the i-card will be immediately dismissed from the institute.
5. Lectures start and end on time. The door of the class will open every 15 minutes. In case a student is late for any reason, wait outside.
6. Students are not allowed to use MOBILE PHONES or SMART WATCHES during the lecture. Students will be immediately removed for the rest of the chapter. On re-occurance of such events, students may be expelled from the class.
7. Batch completion is probable and some delay is possible due to factors beyond control.
8. Students are not allowed to charge their phones in the class premises.
9. Students are not allowed to chew gum during lectures.
10. Students are requested to take care of their belongings and AJ’s is in no way responsible for anything lost by any student. In break, students are requested to carry their belongings with them.
11. Students should take care of the property of AJ’s. In case of any damage of any property by any student, they are liable to pay.
12. If a student misbehaves in the class or passes any comments, he will be removed from the batch permanently without giving any refund.
13. If a student joins a batch late or misses any portion due to ANY REASON (whether it his / her outstation Audit or any other exams), AJ’s is not responsible for getting the missed portion covered. They can see the backup allotted to them.
14. Backup lectures are given complimentary to the extent of 50% of the hours till the attempt. Under no – circumstances, these hours will be increased.
15. If a student is not attending lectures, disciplinary action will be taken including cancelling of the admission in serious cases. In such a case, no refund will be provided.
16. On Public Holidays lectures may be held from 7 am to 4 pm.
17. AJ’s will only issue the Text books for some subjects. Notebooks have to be brought by students themselves.
18. Test Series will be separately chargeable and will be announced during the course of the batch.
19. If there is any discount for which there is for lump sum payments, such discounts are only given if the entire fee is paid in a lump sum.
20. It is the student’s duty to ensure that the email id, phone number and address of the student is correct. AJ’s is not responsible for any non-receipt of email, sms or any content couriered to the student.
21. A printed receipt will be emailed to the student within two days of taking the admission.
22. Students have to be disciplined in the class. No comments which are unwarranted should be passed. The faculty’s decision regarding the student will be final and will be binding on the student in such a situation.
23. Please add our helpline number 8080324444 in your mobile contact list to ensure you get all videos etc sent by AJ’s.
24. Timetables come on the website and are binding to everyone. Any change will be notified through the telegram channel.
25. If a student joins a batch late, back up of the lectures is there. AJ NeXt is not responsible for covering any mistakes in a face-to-face manner.
26. Admission is only given on a first come first serve basis. Preference is given to students availing all the subjects. If there is a vacancy, only then subject-wise admission may be given.
27. If a student joins a recorded batch, then their lectures will be activated within 3 days of the payment.

Additional Terms for Fully Recorded batches / Google Drive / Android
1. For the recorded batch, AJ NeXt will not be able to pause the lectures in the middle.Once the lectures are activated, extension conditions will apply for a modification. A further change of the device is not allowed for any reason.
2. We process the order in 1 working day. However, the books are sent through the courier services and there might be a delay. In such a case the student should have patience and wait for the courier to get delivered.
3. Please select at the time of enrollment that you want lectures on a windows laptop or android. Any request to change will not be considered later on

1. Both Groups are compulsory and individual groups are not available.
2. Any branch transfer within the same attempt will be charged Rs. 1,000. AJ does not take responsibility for covering the missed as a result of batch transfer.
3. For the direct entry scheme, Students might have to come in the evening and from 7 am to 4 pm if required, especially in the last 3 months of their batch completion.
4. PDC’s have to be paid at time of admission for Post CA FOUNDATION batch and at the time of CA FOUNDATION result for Early bird batch. If a student takes admission in PRE-CPT BATCH and subsequently does not clear CPT, the amount paid is forfeited and cannot be adjusted against any amount in future.
5. During college exams, there will be shorter lectures of around 4 hours.
6. For the Early bird batch till the time the CPT result comes, students will be given booklets of various subjects combined into one. Text books will be given once the students pay the fees due after the result.
7. Many faculties will be giving Homework to students. If the student fails to do the homework, he / she will be punished as per instructions of the faculty. Parents and students should appreciate that this is done for their benefit.
8. AJ’s teaches CA INTER for close to 1200 hours. There might be some days when lectures can be of extended duration so that portion is completed on time.
9. If a student joins an early bird batch, but does not clear his / her CA FOUNDATION, then fees taken at the time of admission excluding GST will be fully refunded.

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