Study Tips for CA Foundation Papers (Math & Law) By Top IPCC Classes in Mumbai!

All those who are appearing for the CA foundation level, must be well aware of the fact that cracking the math and Law papers need two very different approaches.

By its very own subjective nature, math is a subject that needs quick wit, logical approach, spontaneous solution and a conceptual learning process for the best results.

On contrary, Law is a subject that needs more of a word-to-word learning process. Case studies do require application-based solutions, but the preparation can be done first by learning all the provisions by heart. Most of the work is half way done there.

Whether you can clear your CA with self-study or you will need IPCC classes in Mumbai will be dealt later, but first let us share some quick preparation techniques for math and Law papers for CA foundation level exam.

Preparation tips for CA Foundation Math Paper

  • Practice makes a man perfect!  Mastering each question should be your motive. Mathematics, Statistics are more technical whereas Logical Reasoning is more analytical. Both of these require consistent practice.
  • The recommended and sample questions from ICAI material should be done thoroughly without missing any question. This gives an understanding of the institute’s difficulty level.
  • If you are using some guide book, or coaching book, or any material, make sure you do every single problem given in your book. Do not skip any question, even the examples.
  • Learn calculator tricks for the chapter, Time Value of Money for easy quick solutions.

Prepare for CA foundation – Business Law Paper

  • If you think law is a very theory centric subject, you might want to change your outlook. Law can only get interesting and easy to study if you concentrate on the whys rather than on the what.
  •  Behind every drafted law, there is logic. Try to understand why the provision exists. This helps to increase analytical skills and to build a strong base.
  • The key to cracking law is to read, read and read
  • Presentation of content has a great impact on your retention power and hence, usage of charts will also help to a great extent.

General Preparation Tips

  • If you are doing self – studies make sure you are either enrolled in the best online classes for ca foundation in Mumbai or you watch helpful videos online. AJNEXT ca foundation coaching classes run their YouTube channel where they deal with important topics related to CA papers.
  • Stay motivated and make sure you are giving maximum hours of study time
  • If you feel you are stuck, do not give up. As difficult as people tell you CA might be, your hard work can make it easy for you.
  • And at last, don’t rely on only 12th commerce knowledge. You will need advanced notes and practice material.

You must be wondering that you can clear CA foundation level without joining any extra ca foundation coaching classes in Mumbai

Merely having the knowledge isn’t enough. You need to be exposed to the right type of professionals who will guide you to decode the paper, and attempt it with ease. And by doing that, you will certainly clear all your papers

If you want to secure a higher rank in your CA exams, enroll yourself in a professional CA coaching Institute like AJNEXT ca foundation coaching classes which is considered by all students and industry fraternity as the best CA Foundation Coaching Classes in Mumbai.

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