SFM – Compact Course


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of course is this?
It is a Compact Course for SFM
What is this unique feature of this course?
It covers every aspect of SFM but within a short durationrategy to succeed in the exam is explained in each chapter. Boosting the confidence and morale of a student is the unique feature of this course.
Does it cover entire SFM?
Yes. It does cover the entire syllabus. It is 12 Edition of our regular course, which is now renamed as Compact Course
Are each concept in every chapter is explained before solving problems?
Yes. First concepts are explained. Then the formulae are explained. Then while solving problems the concept and formulae are revisited. There is virtually a double revision for each concept.
Does it cover all type of problems?
It covers every type of problems which are likely to come in the exam.
Does it cover problems asked in latest question paper?
It covers every question that has been asked or can be asked
Is this course recommended for those who have not studied SFM even once?
100% YES
Will I be getting a hardcopy booklet?
Yes. A Hard Bound Book of 420 pages will be given
What material I need to have before undergoing this course?
A 200-250 pages dedicated notebook for writing the notes while watching the video. Colour pens to mark important parts of notes.
Does it cover Theory?
How many problems are explained and solved?
More than 500 problems.
What benefits student derives by taking this course?
SFM is a time-consuming subject when it comes to revision. There is a huge saving of time for a student who takes this course. Secondly, it is vital that all important problems are solved, and concepts are learnt before the examination. This course does contain all such important concepts and problems. Thirdly, strategy to pass in the exam is as important as knowledge, which is the hallmark of this course.
Can I have practice of solving problems?
Student has been given homework section, answer of which are available on our website www.ajnext.com problems after seeing the concept, by pausing the video, solving and then verifying the same with the solved answers. Thus it can be converted to DIY (Do It Yourself) course.
Course Detail
  • Course: CA FINAL
  • Course Type: Regular Course
  • Attempt: May 2023 Nov 2023
  • Number of Total Hours: 120
  • Number of Lectures: 40
  • Validity: 6 Months
  • Number of Views: 1.5
  • Subjects:
    Paper 2 - Strategic Financial Management
  • Language:
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