SCMPE – Crash Course for Nov 2023 Attempt


SCMPE is one of the most fearful subjects in CA curriculum as it is very different from what we do in other subjects. It requires business experience and a lot of common knowledge. There is also a very big part played by case studies, which are real business situations. 

If a student does not have time to study our Full Regular Course, then this course will give a student enough knowledge and practice that a student can clear his / her exams with flying colours. With this objective in mind, we introduce a crash course for SCMPE. 

This  will be  held in Andheri from 24 Nov 2022 to 20 Dec 2022 on weekdays from 7 am to 12 pm



1 Introduction to Strategic Cost Management 

2 Modern business environment 

3 Lean system & innovation 

4 Cost Management Techniques 

6 Decision Making 

7 Pricing Decisions 

8 Performance Measurement and evaluation 

9 Transfer pricing 

10 Strategic analysis of income statement 

11 Budgetary Control 

12 Standard Costing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a crash course?
Yes, it is crash course but covers every aspect of SCMPE in detailed manner.
Can this be done by a fresher?
Yes, this course can be done by a fresher also who is having no knowledge of the subject and is doing it the first time..
What is the uniqueness of this course?
It covers entire module
Will theory be covered?
Yes, all the theory in the module will be covered
Will case studies be covered?
Yes, all the case studies in the module and Case study digest will be covered
Can a students pass through this course?
Yes, every year those students who cant take up our regular course Face to face OR virtual take up this course. In fact there have been few rankers also who had taken crash course.
What topics will be covered?
Entire portion will be covered.
Your delivery consists of how many books?
1 practical book. 1 Coloured theory Including Case Study Book and 1 case study digest. All books will be coloured
Can the validity extended?
Now the validuty is unlimited with unlimited views. So nothing to worry.
How will my doubts be addressed?
Message on Telegram Id @ajnext.
Where can lectures be viewed
It can be viewed on Android App or Windows Laptop or IOS (as per your convenience)
Course Detail
  • Course: CA FINAL
  • Course Type: Crash Course
  • Attempt: Nov 2023
  • Number of Total Hours: 85
  • Number of Lectures: 40
  • Validity: 6 Months
  • Number of Views: 1.5
  • Subjects:
    Paper 5 - Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation
  • Language:
    English / Hindi
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