CA INTER – Financial Management by CA ANUJ JALOTA


CA INTER - Financial Mangement course by ICAI - desired to make Financial subject most interesting and scoring subject

Financial Management is one of the subjects that teach how to manage your finance. One the most practical subjects which finds application in day to day working of every big corporate. These days’ sources of finance are limitless but it is important to manage finance for the long and short term. This subject is divided into short-term sources of finance and long terms sources of finance. There is one connecting link between these and that is Ratios.

FM also introduces to work of some great authors like Gordan, Walter, Sharp, MM etc. The theories of these authors are a gift to this subject. As we go through our courseware we will get introduced to these theories some of which might not be applicable today but still very interesting to learn. New techniques of finance like factoring, lease financing and debt securitization have arrived in a big way in the country, which will be interesting to learn. This subject is also one of the subjects which can become a career path for Chartered Accountants. Topics of Capital Budgeting with Risk Analysis, Cost of Capital and Dividend Policy have now been completely shifted to CA INTER

In CA INTER, Financial Management has around 10 chapters. No chapter can be ignored. ICAI in the recent past asked questions from almost all the chapters. Therefore the students are requested to study each chapter in depth. In FM, the theory is also around for 10 – 15 marks and therefore the students are advised to study the theory in depth, which forms part of the book. We hope you will find Financial Management an interesting subject to learn especially its applicability in real life.

1 Scope of Objectives of Financial Management
2 Types of Financing
3 Financial Planning and Ratios
4 Cost of Capital
5 Financing Decision – Capital Structure
6 Financing Decision – Leverages
7 Investment – Capital Budgeting
8 Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting
9 Dividend policy
10 Working Capital Management
11 Notes of FM

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course cover complete FM
Yes, it is regular course for Financial Managment of CA INTER
Will Anuj Sir teach entire subject
Yes, Anuj sir teaches entire subject
How is the approach of teaching
Anuj sir is best known for bringing our best among the students. Like costing, after explaning the concepts, students try every question themselves before solving it fully
Are there lot of formulas in FM
Yes, there are. But like costing, sir teaches everything only by logic and nothing else.
What if i have any doubt
You can message on telegram id @ajnext
Is module fuly covered
Yes, it is fully covered.
Course Detail
  • Course: CA INTER
  • Course Type: Regular Course
  • Attempt: May 2023 Nov 2023
  • Number of Total Hours: 130
  • Number of Lectures: 65
  • Validity: 12 months / 6 months
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  • Subjects:
    Paper 8 - Financial Management
  • Language:
    English / Hindi
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