Financial Reporting – Regular Course by Prof. Viral Shah


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of course is this?
It is a Complete course on CA FINAL - SFM
What is the unique feature of this course?
Apart from teaching the subject, the strategy to succeed in the exam is explained in each chapter. Boosting the confidence and morale of a student is the unique feature of this course.
Does it cover problems asked in latest question papers?
All latest questions have been covered. If any new questions come then it wil be given through lifetime updates
What about latest additions in the syllabus done by ICAI
A students will also be getting access to all new updates through lifetime updates through the AJ NEXT app.
Course Detail
  • Course: CA FINAL
  • Course Type: Regular Course
  • Attempt: Nov 2022 May 2023
  • Number of Total Hours: 210
  • Number of Lectures: 78
  • Validity: 6 Months
  • Number of Views: 1.5
  • Subjects:
    Paper 2 - Strategic Financial Management
  • Language:
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