Preparation Strategy For CA Final SCMPE November 2022 Exam

How to Prepare For CA Final SCMPE November 2022 Exam?

Yes! The CA Final Exams cannot be completed in a month or 20 days. Completing the CA Final exams is extremely difficult these days. You only need solid conceptual knowledge and an effective CA Final SCMPE Preparation Strategy to pass the CA Final exam.

It would help if you stuck to a three-month study plan to gain conceptual knowledge. The November 2022 CA Final Exams are approaching. As a result, we have plenty of time to study for the exam. Already, CA Final results have been announced by ICAI. The following is a three-month study schedule for the CA Final Exam for Groups 1 and 2. If you stick to the steps outlined here, you should be able to pass your CA Final exams on your first try.

This study plan has gone through three iterations!!! The study schedule can be shortened from three to two months if you are a dedicated student. You can take the best CA coaching in India.

The first week of August 2022 is the best time to begin your preparations. In this case, you have more than three months to plan. If you stick to the study plan, you’re almost guaranteed to score at least 60 points in every exam. The CA Final is a piece of cake to pass on your first try if you take classes from Best Faculty for CA Final SCMPE.

Here is a three-month study schedule for the CA Final. You’ll have no problem completing your preparation in three months. You must revise your CA Final exams three times during these three months. The CA Final First Group, Second Group, or Both Groups can be quickly completed in a single attempt if you follow this study plan.

Final Exam Study Plan for November 2022 CA Exams

  • Students are expected to devote at least two hours per day to studying while in Articled Training and to prepare thoroughly for exams in advance. Best ca final coaching classes in Mumbai will be helpful for you.
  • Hard work of at least 14 to 16 hours per week is needed during the leave period.
  • Limit your use of cell phones, the internet, and television.
  • Study and practice materials are required for all students. A student can consult a standard text or reference book whenever unsure about a particular topic or point.
  • Students should consult Revision Test Papers and suggested answers for the last five/six exams. First, solve the questions without consulting solutions, then compare your answers to those given to see if they match and figure out CA Final SCMPE weightage. Using this strategy, one could identify the source of a mistake and the format in which a solution was presented.
  • Section and its provision must be correctly cited in legal documents. There is no need to quote the section number if you are unsure.

Plan for June and July:

Choosing two subjects simultaneously ensures that you will not become bored with your preparations and will keep you motivated. If you don’t have any work commitments, you should be able to devote 30 days (mid-June to mid-July) to practicing or memorizing two subjects. By mid-July, aim to finish at least 60% to 70% of the SCMPE Crash Course CA Final.

A suggestion:

Start with Costing and Direct Taxes, which are relatively simple but require a lot of study and practice.

Plan for July-August:

You can now focus on IDT and Elective, allowing you to complete your CA final SCMPE Regular Course requirements by August 22. By the middle of August, IDT students will have received all of the revisions necessary for the November 2022 exam. They will access the most up-to-date lectures from the nation’s top professors if they purchase videos.

Try to finish 60-70 percent of these two subjects during this period.

Plan for August and September:

You can quickly finish the remaining 30-40% of all subjects in this time frame. Once you have completed the entire syllabus of all the topics in a decent manner by the end of Aug, you will feel confident about scoring good marks in your Final examinations. Depending on your level of preparation, you can also choose AJ Next Education classes for ca in Mumbai by Top Faculties during this period for various subjects.

October 2022 Plan:

Start by rehearsing your exam-related Critical Topics. It’s not a good idea to omit any topic from the exam because each subject carries a 10% to 14% weightage.

For exam day revision, give a thorough review of all topics and the preparation of notes. Almost all topics must be reviewed or at least given a broad overview the day before the exams, making Exam Day Revision an essential part of CA Finals.

Rather than relying on voluminous textbooks on the day of the exam, students should prepare one-pager notes for each topic.


There’s only one more day until your exam, so review the essential material and get plenty of rest!

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