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Paper 6C – International Tax

About Prof. Aarish Khan

CA Aarish Khan started his professional teaching career in 2012. He was all India highest in Taxation Paper in CA Final Exams. In his teaching career of last 8 years he has taught plethora of subjects as mentioned below:

1. Direct Tax at CA Final & Inter.
2. International Taxation – Elective Paper.
3. Indirect Taxes at CA Inter & CA Final.
4. Financial Management at CA Inter.
5. Mathematics (CA Foundation).

Even though he has taught all the above subjects at different intervals ,when it comes to his core subjects – its Direct Tax – Paper 7 & International Taxation- Paper 6C at CA Final Level. He is associated with Anuj sir since last 8 years . He started his career in 2012 with Professional Academy, which later on was taken over by CA Anuj Jalota in 2015. In the meanwhile he was also associated with ETEN CA (an online learning portal) for 2 years whereby his lectures used to run in more than 70 centres across India. At present he teaches more than 1000 students LIVE in Mumbai.

Further his virtual and pen drive lectures are also available out of Mumbai for those who do not stay in Mumbai. His method of teaching is unique whereby he makes a student understand the logics of the provisions rather than just mugging the provisions, as he believes in a quote “ If you know why, then you know how”. Further he provides a detailed coloured summary book along with Comprehensive Revision Videos for last day revision which students across India have given heartwarming appreciation. Last but not least he is always available for his students to clear their doubts, as Direct Tax is one of the subjects where doubts always arise while studying the subject.


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Number of hours: 100 hours
Views: 1.5
Validity: 6 months
Doubt solving through Telegram id @ajnext

Andheri Branch

Batch : P6IT – 11

Attempt: May 2022 and Nov 2022
Date: 25-Sept-2021 to 19-Dec-2021
Days: Saturday (7 am to 1 pm) & Sunday (7 am to 12 pm)
Status: Will be done Face to Face. If not possible due to COVID, recordings will be provided

Batch : P6IT – 12

Attempt: May 2022 and Nov 2022
Date: 3-Jan-2022 to 31-Jan-2022
Days: Monday to Friday (7 am to 10:15 am) & Saturday, Sunday (7 am to 12 pm)
Status: Will be done Face to Face. If not possible due to COVID, recordings will be provided

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