About Sachin Sir

Professor Sachin Holmukhe is a visiting faculty at AJ Next. He is accomplished Practicing Chartered Accountant for over 15 years with specialization in Internal Auditor of listed companies across industry verticals & geographies.
Apart from being visiting faculty at AJ Next, he has been speaker at many training sessions given at various CAs platform for Audit subject for over 10 years, including various ICAI seminars. His passion for teaching and practical approach assist students to gain in-depth understanding of the subject. His drive to develop next generation professional ensures student’s 3600 development.

The type of case studies/questions asked recently indicates that the ICAI want CA Final students to have expertise in the subject matter. With ICAI’s current scheme of education & training, stressing on the ability of students to apply subject knowledge in problem solving rather than, merely acquiring professional knowledge, Sachin Sir’s vast practical knowledge in auditing across industries in different geographies is an unmatched assistance to the aspiring future professional in the field of auditing.

“Technical standards [Standards on Auditing] are heart of Advanced Auditing, Sachin sir ensures that standards are taught with practical/past exam case studies”. Remember knowledge of SAs is not sufficient unless you know how to apply the same. Sachin sir targets developing skills on application of Standards on Auditing.

Lets come back to our main subject i.e. SCMPE. This subject required extensive knowledge of how to run business and might be only a person who handles business will be able to teach this business will be able to do justice to this subject. In 2003, Anuj sir started his garments manufacturing company along with his teaching, the business which he shut down in 2005. In 2011, he left his class which he was associated with since 2002 and became a Partner in Professional Academy. In 2015, he also started with his online trekking platform for hikers called as HIKEDEN. In 2016, Anuj Jalota Education NeXt was incorporated to become Best CA Coaching class in Mumbai and serving to more than 2500 CA FINAL Students annually in Mumbai alone.  All this experience of Handling so many business adds to great knowledge while teaching this subject also. For this subject, Anuj Sir caters to more than 75% of Mumbai CA FINAL students.

Anuj Sir also runs his virtual centres across 40 centres in India for the students who cannot come to Mumbai and attend Face to Face Classes. Total Number of students that CA Anuj Jalota serves across India crosses around 5000 each year.

About the Subject with Coverage

Audit is a subject that requires a lot of quick and logical application of mind to answer practical problems. It is one of the most practical-oriented subjects in the C.A. curriculum. This subject aims to provide knowledge of generally accepted auditing procedures and of techniques and skills needed to apply them in audit engagements. While studying this paper, students are advised to integrate the knowledge acquired in other subjects in a meaningful manner along with practical training. Such learning would only help a student to become a better professional.

Let’s study this subject as Practical paper and not theory, memory is not sufficient unless you know how to apply practically


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Andheri Branch

Batch : AA 6

Date: 23-Sept-2021 to 17-Oct-2021
Days: Mon to Friday (7 am to 10 am) & Sunday (9 am to 12 pm)
Status: Will be done Face to Face. If not possible due to COVID, recordings will be provided.

Borivali Branch

Batch : BA 6

Date: 14-June-2021 to 6-July-2021
Days:Mon to Friday (7 am to 10 am) & Sunday (10 am to 2 pm)Status: Recordings available

Charni Road Branch

Batch : CA 6

Date: 19-Aug-2021 to 23-Sept-2021
Days: Monday to Friday (7 am to 10 am)
Status: Recording available

Ghatkopar Branch

Batch : GA 6

Date: 8-Dec-2021 to 31-Dec-2021
Days: Mon to Friday (7 am to 10:30 am) & Sunday (12 pm to 3 pm)Status: Will be done Face to Face. If not possible due to COVID, recordings will be provided.

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