Paper 2 - Strategic Financial Management

About Prof. A N Sridhar

Prof. A N Sridhar is a leading faculty in the subject of Strategic Financial Management which is an important paper in Group I of the CA Final syllabus.
Prof. Sridhar is a qualified finance professional who has wide experience of more than three decades in various field of finance and markets including Banking & Finance, Equities & Derivatives markets, Forex Markets, Money Markets, Bond Markets, Mutual Funds, Portfolio/Fund Management and Equity Research. All these indeed form major part of CA Final syllabus.

He has taught more than 100 batches and has a wide experience of over 16 years. He has taught in many centres in India, including Mumbai, Guntur, Jodhpur, Kochi, Bengaluru etc.

Prof. Sridhar has contributed several finance articles in leading capital market magazines, given several press interviews and opinions on markets and budgets, and has met hundreds of top company managements during his stint in the mutual fund industry. Funds managed by him figured on top performing funds several times during his seven-year career as fund manager.

Prof. Sridhar is also a reputed author and has authored several finance titles. The most important and famous book is ‘Strategic Financial Management’ for CA Final. The book is tailored to suit different classes of students. Primarily it covers the complete syllabus prescribed by the ICAI. He has also authored books on Problems and Solutions in Financial Management and Futures and Options. Prof. Sridhar also teaches elective subject Paper 6B of Group II i.e. Financial Services and Capital Markets

About the Subject with Coverage

The subject of Strategic Financial Management in Group I is considered one of the tougher paper to crack in the CA Final examination. It is indeed tough if learnt improperly. The subject is concept oriented and therefore has to be understood well to succeed. Learning only the concepts but not knowing the practical applications of the same is like having a musical instrument and not knowing how to play it.

Therefore, understanding practical applications of concepts would only give a purposeful learning satisfaction. The examinations also test the same.  Thus, to do well, a student has to learn the subject properly, master the concepts and also know the process of applying the concepts. With more than three decades in the finance industry Prof. Sridhar has a knack of teaching almost every concept with a practical world example. This makes learning more meaningful, satisfactory, and complete.

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Highlights of Prof. Sridhar’s Teaching:

Thousands of students have benefited from his teaching and many have shared their  experiences over the past 16 years. Main aim has always been to make student totally comfortable with the subject and provide required confidence to score well. The highlights of his teaching are enumerated below:

  1. Total conceptual clarity
  2. Masterclass notes
  3. Tailor made for exam preparation
  4. Exam-oriented notes for easy learning
  5. Several practical examples to explain concepts which makes learning finance easy and fun
  6. Derivation of almost every formula
  7. Explain most theory that are part of syllabus
  8. Making students solve most problems in the class
  9. Providing large number of exercise problems for practice
  10. Providing several inputs and tools provided for last-minute learning
  11. Solving several exam problems of CA, CS, CMA etc. which help students doing other courses
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