About Prof. Viral Sir

Viral Sir has been in teaching industry for around 13 years after 5 years of work experience as an operational and management auditor for one of the leading audit firm MAHAJAN & AIBARA. He has a rich experience of auditing companies like Raymond Textile, JK Files, Raymond Apparels, Elf Lubricants, Lifestyle International, Color Plus, Pfizer and many more. He has also been auditor for certain departments of Reserve Bank of India.

In his 13 years of teaching career he has experience of teaching variety of subjects like:
1. Financial Reporting at CA Final.
2. Accounts and Advance Accounts at CA Intermediate.
3. Cost Accounting at CA Intermediate.
4. Financial Management CA Intermediate.
5. Fundamentals of Accounts at CA Foundation.
6. Economics at CA Foundation.
7. Financial Accounts at Third year B. Comm.
8. Cost and Management Accounts at Third year B. Comm.
9. Book keeping at SYJC & FYJC levels.
10. Economics at SYJC & FYJC levels

About the Subject with Coverage

Financial Reporting (FR) as subject as well as practical application has seen sea of change in last few years. With the increasing number frauds by companies and banks it became imperative to bring about more transparency in reporting transaction. Further challenge was to bring about the real substance of the transaction which are hidden under the different arrangement entered by the entity.

This motive is substantially achieved by introducing Indian Accounting Standard (IND AS). IND AS based reporting brings out the in the book of account intentions with which the arrangements and contracts are entered into by the entity.

To gain command of this wave of changes one needs to understand the process of accounting and reporting from its very fundamental to advance application stage. With the said motive in mind the subject is taught in class. This approach not only helps in the grasping the subject better but also improves the retention. Further understanding the subject inside out gives an edge in ever changing and evolving practical world. It also adds to confidence of facing complex practical situations.


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Batch Details

CA FINAL - Brochure - 2022 - 2023


Number of hours: 210 hours
Views: 1.5
Validity: 6 months
Doubt solving through Telegram id @ajnext

Andheri Branch

Batch : AFR 6

Commencement: 19-Apr-2021
Completion: 28-June-2021
Days: Mon to Friday (6:30 am to 9:45 am) & Sunday (12:30 pm to 3:30 pm)
Status: Live Batch in Progress. (Recording available)

Borivali Branch

Batch :BFR 6*

Commencement: 7-July-2021
Completion: 10-Sept-2021
Days: Mon to Friday (7 am to 10:30 am) & Sunday (10 am to 2 pm)
Status: Will be done Face to Face. If not possible due to COVID, recordings will be provided.

Charni Road Branch

Batch : CFR 6

Commencement: 14-Aug-2021
Completion: 26-Dec-2021
Days: Saturday & Sunday (7 am to 1 pm)
Status: Will be done Face to Face. If not possible due to COVID, recordings will be provided.

Ghatkopar Branch

Batch : GFR 6

Completion: 7-Dec-2021
Days: Monday to Friday ( 7 am to 10:15 am)
Status: Will be done Face to Face. If not possible due to COVID, recordings will be provided.

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