Integrated Business Solutions

The ICAI course has been known to inculcate discipline and knowledge in a student. For the past many years, MBA students have always had an edge over the Chartered Accountancy students in one aspect and that is How to tackle business problems.

In the year 2018 when ICAI introduced new course, one of the electives was paper 6f. It was introduced with this objective where students have to reply to a business problem from an angle of Business (marketing strategies, cost reduction techniques to gain cost leadership, Value addition methods etc), Reporting angle, Legal angle and sometimes tax angles. ICAI could not do justice to this subject and it always remained a dead option for every student..

In the new course which was announced by ICAI in June 2022, a compulsory paper is being proposed called as INTEGRATED BUSINESS SOLUTIONS (Multi Disciplinary cases with Strategic Management). This course is all about what.

  • What knowledge this subject will require
  • What is expected from a student in subject
  • What a student will achieve by doing this subject
  • Where this subject will help in future.

NOTE: Do remember we are writing this article when ICAI has officially not launched any portion of this subject.

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