Importance of Writing Skills During CA Exams

How Writing Skills Are Important During CA Exams?

This is quite applicable to every CA aspirant in our country. Being a Chartered Accountant (CA) is a very honorable feeling but clearing it demands hard work, dedication, and sincerity. Only the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has the authority to provide a CA degree in Pan India.

They generally conduct exams two times a year. Now to qualify for this exam it is extremely important to have good writing skills, which can not be developed overnight, it takes time. Good writing skills can be developed through patience and proper guidance from the CA institute in Mumbai.

The skill involves writing ideas, knowledge, and experience in effective words by abiding by all the guidelines of the examination.

What are good writing skills?

Writing is an art where the writer employs words exactly and efficiently to bring forth the ideas. Good writing is always engaging, readable, well-written, and follows the guidelines provided in the papers.

Most of the exams involve some or other ways of writing to judge the student’s ability to transform thoughts and knowledge into words. Writing skills and presentation skills are essential to communicating ideas, sharing knowledge, changing mindsets, etc. Your knowledge will not matter if you don’t have the skill to express it on paper or any other medium.

Importance of writing skills in CA exams- CA final exam writing tips

Writing skills are necessary for everyone, but here if we talk about CA exams, writing skills are necessary for scoring in theory subjects like law and audit. Students will be given three hours to complete the paper.

Now take an example, where students understand the question but are not aware of proper formatting or you are not aware of how to write then you might get anxiety, time will be wasted, and thus we may lose up on some marks.  As we all know, CA exams are very competitive and students cannot afford to lose their extra marks.

For developing proper writing skills for the CA exam, students need proper guidance from the IPCC classes in Mumbai. There are so many institutes that train students excellently at writing, but Aj Next Education, located in Mumbai is always at the top.

There are different levels of exams set by the ICAI – Foundation, IPCC, and the final exam. For all those three groups of exams, students must develop appropriate writing skills. It is estimated that one of the major reasons why students are not able to qualify for the CA exam is not practicing writing in the proper format.

You cannot learn guitar by just visualizing it; you must pick up a guitar and practice It; similarly, you cannot develop writing skills just by reading the answers; you must practice it, which will help you in improving speed, accuracy, and mistakes.

If you can afford to join CA final coaching in Mumbai, then join it. CA final coaching classes are also available in Mumbai and other cities. Choose a good one for your budget; however, do not forget the truth- you need to practice, practice, and practice for good writing skills.

CA Exam writing tips

Without good writing skills, even reaching the CA Inter level is not possible. There are four papers in the CA Foundation examination out of which two papers are subjective. A student needs to score a minimum of 40% marks on each paper subject to other conditions. Follow these tips to score well on the subjective paper.

  1. Give answers in detail
  2. Read as much as possible because when you gain knowledge, then only you will be able to write in-depth answers.
  3. Proofread your answers for spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting
  4. Handwriting should be clear, visible, and neat so that the exam evaluator can understand.
  5. Presentation and formatting should be appropriate as per best practices of the CA exam.
  6. Highlight important words via underlining with a pencil
  7. Use a ball pen instead of a fountain pen or ink pen to avoid ink spread or spillage
  8. Practice writing answers before the exam, then get it rechecked and revise if needed
  9. Follow grammar and punctuation rules properly
  10. Start your answer effectively

Don’ts for writing CA exam

  • Don’t stretch the answer unnecessarily
  • Do not make the answer sheet congested
  • Don’t waste time; write as fast as you can think
  • Don’t get confused during the exams
  • Don’t use abbreviations or slang language in the exam
  • Don’t use complex vocabulary
  • Try to avoid using words in which you are not sure about the meaning
  • Avoid repetition of words, use synonyms if needed
  • Don’t write at speed; that may disturb your handwriting.


“One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai.

Developing writing skills is a very powerful tool for any student, not only for qualifying for the exam, but it is useful in the future as well.

Now you have an idea – How do I improve my writing skill for CA Exam?. It is pertinent to mention, that writing skills only matter when you’ve knowledge and clarity of thoughts. For that, enrollment at AJ Next Education is a prerequisite. Call us now and inquire about the next batch of foundation, Inter, and CA final.

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