Importance of Mock Test Papers For CA Exam Preparation

What is The Importance of Solving Mock Test Papers For CA Exam Preparations?

Before knowing the importance of mock tests, do you know what a mock test is? These tests are a type of practice paper based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus for you to have first-hand experience.

For CA aspirants, leading CA institutes in Mumbai, India prepare mock tests to give the actual exam-like practice for gauging their potential. In this article, we’ll discuss the various facets of mock tests including their importance.

Different types of CA mock tests

Mock tests for CA are categorized into two: pre-preparation mock tests and post-preparation mock tests. The first one is generally conducted by CA coaching classes before starting the syllabus for awareness about unknown topics and preparing personalized plans for students. Post preparation mock test is conducted after completion of the CA syllabus for getting an idea of the overall position of the students.

How to perform well in mock tests for CA?

  1. Those who perform well in mock tests, do the same in the exam. To understand the basic concepts of auditing, taxation, accounting,  finance, and more. Ask your teachers about various problem-solving techniques and learn them beforehand.
  2. Do a revision before mock tests. The day before the mock tests, revise the major chapters and be mentally and physically prepared.
  3. Don’t take mock tests too lightly or too stressful. Prepare well and appear in the mock tests with a positive mindset conducted by CA and IPCC classes in Mumbai. Think about learning as much as possible instead of just focusing on the marks.
  4. Evaluate the mock tests. Once you are done with mock tests, ask the teacher for feedback. Check your mistakes and try to improve the next time.

Importance of solving mock test papers for CA Exam

Best way for understanding the exam pattern – 

Every teacher stresses the word “PRACTICE”. The old saying “practice makes you perfect” holds true and mock tests are just a way to find the strength, weaknesses, and opportunities beforehand.

What’s more, you do not just check your ability for a good score or ranking in the exam, it clarifies the concepts and prepares you for upcoming CA exams.

Improves self-confidence & motivation level –

The passing percentage of CA final exams is always low. Lakhs of students get enrolled at the best CA classes in Mumbai and other places, but every few pass it with flying colors.

Mock tests relieve exam pressure and instill self-confidence in the students. Let’s take the example of nervousness which is quite common among students. Due to lack of information, peer & parents pressure, and more, they start feeling nervous in the exam and even fail to perform up to their potential.

Mock tests familiarize them with patterns and nervousness goes away from students. Mock tests work like trial and error tests. With every mock test, you get better and better.

Getting familiarity with the exam environment –

Every exam is different from the other in multiple senses. An academic exam in which you appear in class 10th or 12th is not like a professional exam or competitive exam. Mock tests gauge the level of the exam and familiarize the students with its intricacies.

Statistics show that getting a good score as a first-timer is always easy as you approach the exam with a fresh mindset and full confidence. But it doesn’t mean you just study and appear in the exam without the know-how of papers.

Mock tests are made in such a way that students get an idea about the actual exam and do their self-analysis.

Better time management –

In the CA exam, you don’t get the time of your choice. Within the stipulated time, you need to attempt maximum questions with absolute precision and correction. It’s been observed that the first timer or those who had not tried mock tests miss the time calculation or could not complete the paper on time.

Managing those three hours in the exam hall by distributing time is an art that comes with practice through mock tests.

A vital part of CA exam preparation strategy –

Giving Mock tests for the CA exam is a part of the strategy. Irrespective of the coaching class you join, and the hours of study you do, it’s mandatory to attempt mock tests before your final exam.

You cannot get time to appear in the exam every day or even every month, right? Once you fail to capitalize the strategy correctly in the exam hall, you need to wait a long time for the same opportunity. Mock tests give a way to minimize the probability of mistakes.

Make the study interesting –

It’s a well-known fact that overconfidence and under-confidence both are detrimental to students. Mock tests are like a reality check. With day-to-day study, students get some relief.

Prominent coaching classes in Mumbai- AJ Next Education conducts mock tests in the same way as the exam hall with similar questions, environment, and abidance of rules.

Final Thoughts

The mock test is not just for CA. If you’re a sports lover, you must have known about the practice matches. Mock tests are a well-proven practice for students before the final date of the CA exam. Hopefully, you must have understood the importance of solving mock test papers for CA exam.

This is the reason, we at AJ Next Education conduct mock tests for every subject at regular intervals. Enroll with us, the best CA final coaching classes in Mumbai for sure success in the exam.

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