How to Prepare For Theory Subjects in CA

How to study theory subjects in CA?

The CA exam consists of both practical and theoretical questions. We are pretty comfortable with numerical questions, but most students are terrified of theory tests. It is easier for pupils to get good grades in numerical topics than in theoretical subjects. According to studies, most students fail theory tests more frequently than numerical exams.

Most people don’t even focus on How to prepare for Theory Subjects because they underestimate the efforts and time required.

How to prepare for Theory Subjects – Simple and effective tips

What we’re about to teach you are a few easy yet vital pointers that could turn out to be difference makers. If you don’t act on a suggestion, it won’t benefit you. Follow these simple guidelines to get the most out of your investment.

CA classes in Mumbai India, are focussing on both practical and theory subjects, that’s why it becomes all the more important to go for coaching classes instead of 100% self-study.

  • Make a list of key points in your own words. Make a list of those points on a piece of paper in your own words. This exercise can help you write more effectively in tests. It’s also necessary for effective brain-hand synchronisation when writing. Because our brains work far faster than our hands, we frequently skip words or sentences while writing.
  • The first step in comprehending theory subjects is to read. Take a breather and imagine what you’re reading in your thoughts to make sure you understand it. What good will it do? When we image the solution in our heads, we’ll be able to figure out what we don’t comprehend or what the one thing was that we couldn’t repeat.
  • The simplest answer to how to study theory subjects in ca is write mock papers. Jog your memory whenever you reach a breakthrough in a theory subject, such as when you finish a chapter or study a tough topic. How will you put your learning into practice? As if you’re sitting in an exam centre, rehearse. Take a few questions from that chapter, as well as from Study Material, RTPs, MTPs, and other sources, and practise them. This allows you to determine how well you comprehend a certain topic or chapter. Assess whether your degree of preparation will allow you to achieve good results in theory.
  • Though rote learning is one of the conventional methods of exam preparation, it is not appropriate for CA exams. Though rote learning uses repetition to help you remember what you’ve learned over extended periods of time, it’s better to apply more meaningful strategies.

As a result, rather of continually repeating anything, it is preferable to concentrate on the “why(s)?” and “how(s)?” Furthermore, a scientific approach aids in the comprehension of the topic.

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