How to Choose the Best CA online Classes in Mumbai?

Checklist to Choose the Best CA online Classes in Mumbai

The future of education was always digital. COVID 19 simply accelerated the process.

We are carried away by the existing problems faced by online education. And to an extent, it is true that some students are more efficient in the traditional classroom education instead of the online education. 

However, the need of the hour is DIGITAL. 

Schools, colleges and universities are all part of the transformation from traditional to online teaching institutions. Therefore, the question isn’t if you need to take online classes, instead, the question is how well you impart your lessons, as an educator, online.


Coming to CA coaching institutes in India, online classes might be all the more challenging to adjust with.

 Then how do you choose the best CA online classes in Mumbai? 

Look up for the following points before selecting a CA coaching in Mumbai:

  1. Content: The content provided for an easy online class must be broken down into simple language. The content must be self -explanatory and elaborative.
  2. Teaching Faculty: Best classes for CA in Mumbai are defined only and only by their faculty. An experienced faculty that has modern techniques to implement online learning is very crucial.
  1. Technical Assistance: It is well established that not all students are tech savvy. Coaching institutes must be willing to train and coach their students as well as teachers to use the online platforms efficiently.
  2. Access through various devices: Students who aim to clear CA come from all sorts of background, and might or might not be able to afford laptops or expensive phones. It is important that classes can be accessible from whichever device available.
  3. Follow – Up sessions: Online or offline doubt solving provisions, tests, and homework assessment is key to a successful online education.

Proven Best Ca Online Classes in Mumbai

Ask any CA aspirant in Mumbai, and they will say that Anuj Jalota CA Classes in Mumbai is the Best classes for CA in Andheri, Mumbai.

We don’t say this just because the students say so, but we also say this because we fulfil all the criteria mentioned above and beyond the points mentioned.

Take a look at AJNEXT – CA Coaching by CA ANUJ JALOTA!

  • Content is specially curated by all the faculty to suit ease in understanding and well explained concepts with ample examples and case studies.
  • Virtual lectures for all the regular batches are available through Google Drive, iOS and Android App. So, students don’t have to worry about buying new devices to study.
  • Live doubt solving sessions on YouTube along with specific telegram channel for every big or small doubt. doubts are usually within 24 hours of query. You can post your doubts on the channel whenever you want.
  • To give a professional and accommodative environment, online classes are streamed LIVE from the Andheri Studio.
  • All the faculty is rigorously trained to use the technical devices to teach. Faculty is also responsible to asses the homework sheets, solve any doubt and give any external assistance needed to the students.

To conclude, you don’t have to look anywhere to find the best ca coaching classes in Mumbai, India for online classes. GO AND ENROL WITH AJNEXT NOW.

Still confused whether they are the best or not? Visit the YouTube channel to find free live lectures for CA inter costing! Get real time classroom experience and decide for yourself!

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