How Pendrive Classes Are Better Than Live Classes

Why pendrive classes are better than live or face-to-face classes?

What Are Pendrive Classes?

While technology is continuously evolving and developing with time, more and more educational institutes are imbibing these developments to improve and enhance their methods of teaching.

One of these advanced methods is the Pendrive classes which are said to be assisting in making education more and more accessible to students. Pendrive classes help the students by providing them with the whole Chartered Accountancy course module while sitting at home.

In most of the coaching, offline classes are recorded. These recorded classes are then combined date-wise to form a sequential folder, which is shared over an online sharing platform.

But the question is, are Pendrive classes good?  There are many advantages of taking Pendrive classes for the CA Exam. Some of the benefits of Pendrive classes are discussed below. But we recommend that you take an informed call according to your preferences.

Benefits of Pendrive classes :


Pendrive classes cover the entire course, divided amongst different sessions that students can watch as many times as they want to. There is no scope for any misunderstanding about missing the topics.


There is no limitation of time for the students within which they need to study a particular part of the course. They have the access to Pendrive classes at their convenience. Pendrive classes for CA Exam can also be done along with daytime jobs.


Since the classes are available to students to watch anytime they want to, there is no chance of clashing or missing of any classes.


Everybody learns at their own rate. Many students find it difficult to follow the lessons in a classroom where everyone is teaching at the same time. This is a significant flaw in traditional education. This problem is solved through online schooling. All course materials are provided in advance in online education, and students learn at their own pace. Students can also get answers to their questions through live chats or forums.


Another advantage of taking Pendrive classes is that you will spend less time sitting in a classroom and listening to lectures. You can just go about your daily tasks before picking up the Pendrive from the institute where you are studying, returning home, and starting the classes. This ensures that your day is not consumed solely by studying and that you can continue working if you are employed. Because of the multiple advantages linked with Pendrive lessons, an increasing number of people are opting for them.

AJ Next Pendrive Classes Advantages :

AJ Education Next is one of the best CA final coaching classes in Mumbai and is a well-known and well-trusted brand among CA hopefuls when it comes to giving the best tools and learning material for CA test preparation. It’s a premier institute for prospective chartered accountants, supported by India’s best CA teachers.

At AJ Education Next, we believe that we need to constantly evolve and move along with the developments in technology by utilizing them as much as we can in our course curriculum. Our attempt at adopting Pendrive classes is also one such step towards improving the quality of education that we are providing to our students and making this more accessible to them.

Through Pendrive classes, AJ Education Next is making an attempt at eliminating the hindrances and barriers that a student may face on a day-to-day basis. Our teachers are trained to equip and adapt themselves to the changing trends and are always eager towards adopting newer methods of teaching. Pendrive classes for the CA exam would only reduce the pressure that students have due to the burden of such a difficult course structure of the exam.

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