Highest Paying Professional courses after 12th

A prevalent belief, of science jobs from medicine and engineering fields paying more than commerce jobs is no more relevant. Courses after 12th commerce in India have come out as one of the highest paying courses.

Professional courses after 12th commerce conventionally revolve around business, economy and accountancy. However, you can choose to take whatever course and subjects which you are interested in. Many students these days are going for interdisciplinary courses which suit their preferences and skills.

However, choosing what type of job you want in life will be determined by interrelated yet diverse factors.

No matter what you choose, getting a job that is high paying and provides job satisfaction must be a priority. Whether you are looking for a desk job, or a field job. Whether you are looking for a corporate job or a business. Whether you are looking for a government job or a job in the private sector. Financial security is as important as job satisfaction.

But if you are looking for Courses after 12th commerce in India which will definitely give you a high paying job, then you must enroll in the following courses:

CA: Often called the most difficult examination in the commerce field, becoming a CA will fetch you fame, money and recognition. You can start preparing for clearing all the papers right after finishing your basic commerce education in school. It is recommended to join a ca institute in Mumbai for result-oriented preparation. As a CA, you will handle the important accounts of a company and ensure that the finances are properly recorded and calculated. Apart from this, you can take up many more job profiles which are not just limited to finance but any profession.

ACCA: ACCA isn’t only a high-paying Professional course after 12th in India, but it is a globally aspired course.

Investment Banking: Investment banks provide a variety of financial services, including research, trading, underwriting, and advising on M&A deals. Because these are such crucial decisions, the money that comes with providing this service is also immense.

CFA: Chartered Financial Analyst deals in wealth management, equity, and fixed income analysis, credit analysis, etc. Just like ACCA, CFA is also a globally recognized degree.

Cost Accountant: The two core goals of cost accounting are profitability analysis and budget preparation. Cost Accountants are financial specialists who help in making budgets, managing costs and assets of a company and evaluating the performance of a company.

What do you think is your area of interest in the field of commerce? Choose wisely and start working hard to get the hard-earned money!

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