Extension Scheme for Student for Pre-Recorded Lectures

CourseExtention of timeCharges / subject in Rs.
CA FINAL1 to 30 days1000
CA FINAL31 to 60 days1800
CA FINAL61 to 90 Days2500
CA INTER1 to 30 days800
CA INTER31 to 60 days1500
CA INTER61 to 90 Days2000
CA FOUNDATION1 to 30 days1000 for all subjects
CA FOUNDATION31 to 60 days1800 for all subjects
CA FOUNDATION61 to 90 Days2500 for all subjects
Crash Course / compact course / refresher course1 to 30 days1000
Crash Course / compact course / refresher course31 to 60 days1800
Crash Course / compact course / refresher course61 to 90 Days2500
Any other course1 to 30 daysRs. 800

1. No extension of views or hours will be allowed in any circumstances.
2. Payment should be made through the following link: https://imjo.in/bRZWRz
3. By default amount is Rs. 1000. You can change the amount based on the scheme and level.
4. Payment can only be made for 1 subject at 1 time. In case you want to take an extension of multiple combinations, you will have to make the payment again.
5. After payment, a google form will come. Please fill it up.
6. Send a screenshot of your payment to 8080324444. We will send a confirmation.
7. It will take two days for an extension.

8. Extention can only happen within 15 days of your course expiring. So your course expires on 1 Feb 2021, it has to be renewed before 16 Feb 2021. After that, we will not be able to renew your course. If you have doubt, please call 8080324444 before paying

9. AJ NEeXt has the full right to deny the extension to anyone without giving any reason. In such case, if any amount is paid, it will be refunded.