Crack CA Foundation without Coaching is it possible or not?

One question that usually comes to the mind of every student deciding to study CA is whether he will be able to pass his exams with Self Study or is it necessary for him to join some good coaching classes?


 AJ’s Education NeXt has been widely acknowledged since the past 15 years, as India’s Premier CA Foundation Coaching Classes in Mumbai with a prolific track record of having produced 470+ All India Rank Holders. But we will be the first ones to accept the fact that a student can pass his CA even if he doesn’t join any coaching classes, albeit it will require much more hard work, determination, dedication and discipline from him.


As the best classes for CA Foundation in Mumbai, we have students telling us for years that had they not joined our classes , they would have been all at sea trying to find out by trial and error method which are the best reference books or study material for each subject; the most important and most scoring topics in the exams; track the latest amendments, study, understand and implement them in the right manner The guidance of our experienced faculty really benefitted them greatly and saved a lot of time for them as they were given expert tips about how to grasp the important gist of a vast array of exhaustive subjects, topics and concepts; how to revise the curriculum effectively and thoroughly before exams. More importantly they taught tricks about how to tackle questions and score smartly at the exams.


Of course those in favour of self-study without coaching from classes would argue that going to classes wastes a lot of study time as one has to travel to the classes premises which usually takes at least 2 to 3 hours daily in major metros. More over as you are taught in a group your speed of learning is slowed down to the speed of the slowest learner in your group as your faculty spend time to explain to him the same concept many times over. You need to also choose your coaching classes wisely because the fees are hefty, if you choose the wrong classes you will pay dearly not only financially but with your career prospects. Also you become too dependent on the notes provided by your classes and then.  you don’t learn to research the subject and find workable, probable solutions on your own-a skill you would very much need when you are on your own as a working professional and there won’t be any readymade answers.


We at AJ’s Education NeXt the finest IPCC classes in Mumbai, fully subscribe to this view. All through these years we have been emphasizing to our students that as the best CA Foundation Coaching Classes in Andheri Mumbai, we guide you but its your self-study after our guidance that will help you pass the CA exams. There is simply no substitute for self-study, because as the famous allegory implies ‘You can take the horse to the pond, but its him who has to drink the water’. We as the best classes for CA Foundation in Andheri, Mumbai can only show you the way.


According to us the best plan for self-study, immaterial of whether you have joined any coaching classes or are studying on your own must consist of the following:


Use your time wisely and allocate pre-determined time schedule for each subject. Treat all subjects equally because to score high you need to score well in all subjects.

Choose your reference books or study material very carefully after thorough research, otherwise you will waste a lot of time and money on buying the wrong books, studying them for sometime and then realising that they are not the right books for you. So as the best IPCC classes in Mumbai, we would advise you to do all the research about your reference books or study material before buying them and choose them with due diligence, as in CA studies time is very precious and you cannot afford to waste even a few days.


Study regularly, consistently and diligently because becoming a CA is not easy and is every Tom, Dick and Harry’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of determination, dedication and self-discipline to succeed and become a CA. The more your self-study, immaterial of whether under our guidance or otherwise, the better you will score. During your study period you will have to let go of a lot of picnics, family get-togethers and functions, but once you become a CA the whole world will be yours for the taking.


So if you are determined to be a CA then there is no alternative to Self-Study. Now it is your prerogative whether you want to travel the path of becoming a CA smoothly under the guidance of an experienced mentor like AJ’s Education NeXt the finest IPCC classes in Mumbai or take the more rough, mostly uncharted path of studying on your own without the help of an experienced mentor.

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