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India's Best CA Final Coaching Classes in Mumbai

As the name suggests, it is the last level of chartered accountancy exams and requires advanced knowledge of the subject.

India’s Best Premier CA Final Coaching
Classes in Mumbai

As the name suggests, it is the last level of chartered accountancy exams and requires advanced knowledge of the subject. Clear understanding of concepts and thought process is necessary to clear this final test. We have one very clear motto, that is to make every student remember and apply concepts which they have learnt through our classes and notes. Being the amongst the best ca final classes in mumbai, we prepare students that this final exam is going to be really different from all levels and it is only hard work that will make them achieve their end goal.

Final CA is the last level of the Chartered Accountancy exams. This level will require the students to have an advanced level of knowledge about the subject. They should have a clear understanding of the concepts and an application based thought process to clear this level. Anuj Sir’s motto is clear, a student does not remember the professor or his name, but will always remember the content and notes you share with them.

Having been a ranker at all levels of CA he has been a strong believer of, working hard for your goal, as there is no substitute for hard, hard work. The students who come to us are first made to realize that the Final CA level is going to be radically different from what they have learnt in the past. The syllabus is vast and humongous and they are expected to be disciplined for the few months to be able to clear Final CA. The claim to be one of the best classes for Chartered Accountancy coaching is purely backed by the excellent results and a strong faculty line up. Our students and their success stories are the biggest award for us as a premier coaching institute.

Final CA is divided into two groups, Group I and Group II with four subjects in each respectively. They are as follows:

Group I:
1.Financial Reporting
2.Strategic Financial Management
3.Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics
4.Corporate and Economic Laws

Group II:
5.Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation
6.Elective Paper
– Risk Management
– Financial Services and Capital Markets
– International Taxation
– Economic Laws
– Global Financial Reporting Standards
– Multidisciplinary Case Study
7.Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation
8.Indirect Tax Laws
Given the changing scenario of the new generation of business and the capital market structure, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has made dramatic changes to the syllabus of the Final CA curriculum and has come up with replacing one of the older redundant papers with an elective paper, which gives the student an option to choose a paper from their area of academic interest. The elective paper has six options to choose from.
The dynamic business environment requires a dynamic professional and we at AJ Education Next want our students to choose different elective papers to give them an all-round perspective and a holistic approach towards their career trajectory. We also specialize in teaching most of the elective papers at the Final CA level, as we believe that a student should get quality education under one roof.

If a student gives single Group: Student has to secure minimum 40% in each subject and overall 50% in that Group. If a student gives both the groups: Student has to secure minimum 40% in each subject and overall 50% in that aggregate.

Enrolment Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. There are in total 8 Papers divided in 2 Groups at CA Final Level.
Group 1:

  • Paper 1 Financial Reporting
  • Paper 2 Strategic Financial Management
  • Paper 3 Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics
  • Paper 4 Corporate & Economic Laws

Group 2:

  • Paper 5 Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation
  • Paper-6A: Risk Management
  • Paper-6B: Financial Services and Capital Markets
  • Paper-6C: International Taxation
  • Paper-6D: Economic Laws
  • Paper-6E: Global Financial Reporting Standards
  • Paper-6F: Multidisciplinary Case Study
  • Paper 7 Direct Tax & International Taxation
  • Paper 8 Indirect Tax Laws

Ans. AJ Education Next is the best coaching class for CA Final conducting lectures for all the subjects of CA Final. We also offer two options for Elective Paper (Paper 6) namely – Paper 6B & Paper 6C.

Ans. SCMPE (Costing) is taught by Prof. Anuj Jalota at AJ Next and following the list of

Professors for CA Final at AJ Education Next:


Financial Reporting – Prof. Viral Shah

Strategic Financial Management – Prof. A N Sridhar

Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics – Prof. Sachin Holmukhe

Corporate & Economic Laws – Prof. Adithi Chaturvedi

Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation – Prof. Anuj Jalota

Financial Services and Capital Markets – Prof. A N Sridhar

International Taxation – Prof. Aarish Khan

Direct Tax & International Taxation – Prof. Aarish Khan

Indirect Tax Laws – Prof. Neeraj Sharma

We have the best team for CA Final

Ans. Students should join classes for CA Final immediately after clearing CA Inter examination.If the attempt is  more than one year to go, then he/she should only do Costing, SFM & FSCM(In case that is the Elective student opts for). These are the only three subjects which don’t have amendments every year. So these subjects can be done beforehand.

All other subjects can be covered one year before the attempt.

We at AJ Next have various batches for different attempts to suit the needs of all the students.

Ans. If a student joins AJ Next for CA Final, he/she will not have to buy any books from the market. AJ Next provides study material developed by the professors which are enough for the students to study.

Ans. For all subject, all our demo lectures are available on our Android and IOS app. Moreover app also contains many free tests for many subjects.

Ans. An aggregate of 45 to 50 % of AJ Next students at CA Final level clear in every attempt. And AJ Next has a record of more than 470+ rankers.

Ans. The professors at AJ Next are highly qualified and experienced. The minimum teaching experience of a professor for CA Final would be 8 years ranging to more than 20 years.

Ans. Students can get back up lectures (maximum 30 hours per subject) on payment on Rs. 100 for 3 hours through AJ NeXt app.


(till lockdown prevails)

1 – FR19 April, 2128 June, 21Mon to Fri (6:30 am to 9:45 am) Sun (12:30 pm to 3:30 pm)Nov 21, May 22 and Nov 22
2 - SFM17 April, 218 August, 21Sat & Sun (4 pm to 8 pm)Nov 21, May 22, Nov 22, May 23 & Nov 23
5 – SCMPE17 April, 218 August, 21Sat & Sun (7 am to 12 pm)Nov 21, May 22, Nov 22, May 23 & Nov 23
7 – DT19 April, 216 July, 21Mon to Fri (6:30 am to 9:45 am) Sun (12:30 pm to 3:30 pm)May 22 & Nov 22
8 – IDT19 April, 217 June, 21Mon to Fri (6:30 am to 9:45 am) Sun (12:30 pm to 3:30 pm)Nov 21 & May 22


1. Lectures under LIVE VIRTUAL will start at 6:30 am. Reason for that is “students will have to leave from their homes early to attend their offices”. Hence, they will have to leave early.
2. Timetable above is only of those batches which are due to start in April 2021. Law & Audit schedules will be announced later.
3. Once you have opted for a LIVE batch, you cannot shift to RECORDED mode.
4. Once you have opted for a RECORDED batch, you cannot shift to LIVE.
5. If restrictions go away, AJ NeXt will have the right to decide if the remaining portion can be done Face to Face or not. Call will be
taken based on the situation at that time.


1. For all subject (except SCMPE) Student gets 50% extra viewing time, which can be used within 6 months.
2. For SCMPE, for Case Study and Theory, student will get 2 years validity for case study and theory and for LIFETIME UPDATES, they will get validity till their attempt
3. Student will be able to chat with the professor during the lectures.
4. Lectures can be accessed by student through Windows or ANDROID or IOS app.
5. Recording of the live lectures will be put within 2 days of the lectures.
6. Doubts can be asked post lectures through our telegram ID:

Subjects with core faculties

2SFMProf. A N Sridhar
3AUDIT Prof. Sachin Holmukhe
4LAWProf. Adithi Chaturvedi
5COSTINGProf. Anuj Jalota
8DIRECT TAX Prof. Aarish Khan
9INDIRECT TAX Prof. Neeraj Sharma

There are many classes who provide CA Final Coaching Classes in Mumbai, but we are the best for a reason. We are backed up by our consistent results and best faculty. It is a tough job to be consistently being ranked as the best ca final coaching classes in Mumbai, however with CA Anuj and his excellent team we are able to reach great heights.

We at AJ’s Education NeXtthe finest CA Final Classes Institute in Mumbaialways suggest to our students to prepare a proper, well-planned time-table for their studies.

So if you are looking for India’s Premier CA Final Coaching Classes in Mumbai and are sceptical if you’ll be able to build the intellect for this field, we will break down all the difficult barriers for you! Our faculty is trained and professional and is known for the conversational mode of teaching. Not only the CA foundation and final level, but we are also the best CA final classes institute in Mumbai.

Final year students who are looking for CA final coaching in Mumbai for assistance along with self-study time can never find a better match for their flexible coaching requirements from anywhere other than AJNEXT!.