What Are The Advantages of Becoming Chartered Accountant

What Are The Benefits of Becoming a Chartered Accountant?

India is a country of youths, and obviously, youths need a reliable career option to fulfil their dreams. They need well-settled, well-paid, socially and legally approved jobs. A time comes when every student gets confused about choosing a career after class 12th.

Are you in that phase of your career? If, yes, do not bother; we at AJ Next Education will guide you on a mind-blowing career option for you which is Charter Accountancy.

Here we’ll cover various aspects of the profession including the benefits of Chartered Accountant. So many questions arise like how one can be a CA, what are the works of a CA, or the benefits of becoming a CA. First of all, you need to know about CA.

What is chartered accountancy?

In simple words, CA is a five years professional course offered by ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). ICAI is a globally recognized statutory body. Anyone who has completed class 12th with a good score may enroll at good CA coaching classes for completing the CA foundation course.

In class 12th, Commerce is a preferred subject for becoming a CA. When you study commerce at the intermediate level, you know accounting and other financial skills before opting for CA. And it gives you a sound understanding and strong base for your career as a CA.

In a nutshell, a CA is an expert in accountancy and finance. Accountancy includes three major terms: Auditing, Bookkeeping and Accounting. The exam of CA is of three levels

  1. CA Foundation
  2. CA Intermediate
  3. CA Final

Works of A certified chartered accountant

As per the founder of AJ next education and well known CA faculty, Anju Jalota, the roles and responsibilities of Chartered Accountants are very diverse. They work mainly as

  • Financial advisor for corporates
  • Implementing accounting systems and processes
  • Formulating financial reports for submission to central/state government
  • Ensuring compliance with the state revenue service.
  • Auditing any business or organization
  • Tax advice to individuals, corporates etc
  • Dealing with multiple tax returns
  • Legal, financial services and management
  • Technical and ethical finance services

Benefits of becoming a CA

Clearing the CA final is difficult yet simple. It needs great effort, time, patience and guidance from a leading CA institute in Mumbai. The approximate fees of coaching classes vary.

So many people quit the course in the middle because of its long duration. But we suggest a big NO to quitting the course. It would help if you pursued it wholeheartedly because it is one of the best possible careers options in India.

Option to work in audit, finance and account related multinational companies

Once you complete your course, you might get placement in reputed multinational companies. Every business or financial organization needs an expert and experienced CA to manage the finances. If any company finds irregularity or complexities in its accounting, it hires a CA.

One who completes the course has the option to join the private sector or the government sector. The salary of a CA depends on the experience and skills of the person. CA has multiple career options. After the successful completion of the CA course, you can choose a sector of your own choice from the below mentioned reputed fields as

  • CS -Company Secretary
  • CMA -Certified Management Accountant
  • CFA -Chartered Financial Analyst
  • CISA- Certificate Information Center Auditor
  • ACCA- Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

CA is a great career path where you have consistent growth enticing students to enrol at Salary increases with your growing experience and expertise.

Heart of economy- always in demand

The profession of CA will always remain trendy because business and finance are never going to stop. Youths of the 21st century are evening to work in private or government jobs to start their own business.

Startups and revolutionary business ideas are financially supported and appreciated by governments. Whether a startup or a multinational, companies need a CA for their accountancy.

After completing CA with the help of CA foundation classes in Mumbai, you can work with financial or non-financial companies because even non-financial companies need a CA to assist them with their finance like total input, total output, tax framework, and other financial consultancies.

Every company, business firm, or even individual wants to avoid financial loss, so CA acts as a professional advisor for them.

Wherever is Income- there is a role for CA

The most outstanding work of a CA is financial consultancy. You can start consultancy services as a self-owned business. You have the flexibility to choose the working hour and working environment by yourself.

This business runs totally on your skill and experience. It would help if you were an expert in finance and accounts. Tax consultants are always in demand. Business firms and individuals with handsome salaries consult a CA to help with the tax framework.

Most people are unaware of tax and other financial frameworks, so a CA’s career is very secure. Now you can imagine the importance of chartered accountants in India.

High perks, societal respect and a lifetime security

If you see it in the context of salary benefits of a Chartered Accountant, it’s tempting. CA is considered to be amongst the highest-paid jobs worldwide. You get a handsome salary if you start working as an associate with your seniors to learn and practice your knowledge and skills.

A CA’s initial salary is approximately 6 to 7 lakhs per annum. But the salary depends mainly on your experience and skill. So you have a good scope of salary-hike in this profession.

Final thoughts

The profession of a CA is called a recession-proof profession. No matter what, a CA is always in demand. What are you waiting for? Contact AJ Next Education- the leading CA inter coaching classes in Mumbai for making a career. We provide physical and online classes for all foundation, inter and final.

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