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Employee Cost

Labour is one of the most important factors of production. Even in this tech…

Service Costing

CIMA London, defines Service Costing as “that form of operation costing which applies where…

Process Costing

Process basically means a series of actions that you do for a particular purpose…

Contract Costing

For a layman Contract means “Agreement between two persons in relation to something specific…

Job Costing

This method of costing is used in Job Order Industries where the production is as per the requirements of the customer…

Batch Costing

Batch costing means accounting and calculating costs in respect of each batch instead of accounting it for each and every unit…

Unit Costing

Unit costing is a method of costing where identical / same / homogenous products are made on a large scale through continuous manufacturing…

When to Order

Whenever we think of cost for making a product the first thing that comes to our mind is Material Cost and undoubtedly it’s the heaviest cost…

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