ACCA vs CA – Which is Better and Tough?

Ever since one is on the lookout for CA Classes in Mumbai, there is also one constant query asked by students and aspirants: ACCA vs CA- which is better and tough? There are several comparisons between the ACCA and CA Curriculum. The single most noticeable distinction between them is that CA is a local qualification while ACCA is a foreign qualification or a global professional degree. Here are some differences between the two:

• CA stands for Chartered Accountancy while ACCA stands for Association of Certified Chartered Accountant and is globally recognized.

• The CA course mainly focuses on Finance and Financial Accounting. At the same time, the ACCA course focuses on Taxation, Auditing, Accounts Handling, Management Accounting, etc.

• Depending on the level of complexity of the CA program and the eligibility of the applicants, it may be completed with an additional year of training within three to five years. With ACCA, candidates are expected to complete the course with two to three more years of training in three years’ time.

Eligibility for CA:

o The total percentage of Class 10 should be 60 percent in mathematics and 65 percent in English.

o      The total percentage in Class 12 should be a minimum of 65 percent in English and Accounts

o      No work experience required

Eligibility for ACCA:

o      Senior secondary level education in Mathematics or an undergrad in Commerce

o      Work experience required

•  The curriculum for CA includes three levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Final The curriculum for ACCA includes two levels: Fundamentals and Professionals

•  ACCA aspirant has to attend a total of 20 papers, and an ACCA aspirant has to attend a total of 14 papers.

•  When it comes to flexibility, The CA curriculum is not versatile, and a minimum of one group at a time must be attempted by students. ACCA can be much more versatile than the CA course, as each attempt encourages students to try a single paper.

Which is tougher?

It is no surprise that the CA course is commonly considered to be harder than ACCA, considering the number of years, the number of papers, course levels and versatility of both courses. But, this is a completely subjective topic, and the results can differ from case to case.

The flexibility in terms of tests and papers is one of the reasons why ACCA is slightly easier to handle than CA. Subjects are grouped together in CA. So, you will have to rewrite all the subjects in that group again if you fail a subject in that group. On the other hand, in ACCA, you will only have to retake the specific subject if you fail an exam and attempt as per your convenience.

Which is better?

Both courses have their own unique features, making them one of the most common finance and professional accounting courses. However, both courses can be put at distinct levels when it comes to job opportunities in India vs. abroad.

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