5 Effective Tips to Study Company Law For CS Executive

5 Best tips for studying company law for CS executive

Company Law is one of the core subjects in the Company Secretary exam as well as while pursuing a career as a Company Secretary. In Company Law, students must concentrate on understanding all of the important legal provisions, as well as their purposes and practical application. They should prepare themselves sufficiently at each stage to be able to explain the applicable provisions, principles, and conditions conceptually. Students should also read the Bare Act in order to gain a better knowledge of all of the provisions found in the many parts and sub-sections. It is preferable to remember some of the key portions and apply them logically in addressing practical problems at the CS Executive Course level.

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Company Law for CS Executive is based on those sections of the Companies Act, 2013 and the Rules made there under which have been notified by the Government of India and came into force w.e.f. April 01, 2014.  Here are some tips on how to study Company Law for CS Executive.

How To Study Company Law For CS Executive


The CS Executive Company Law paper aims to provide the students at the Executive Program level with expert knowledge of the provisions of Company Law by building an awareness of company regulation and providing complete knowledge of various provisions of Company Law. Students at the executive level are advised to be thorough in their study of the legal aspects of Company Law. A complete knowledge of the Bare Acts is the key to gain such awareness.


Such extensive and voluminous study material requires the student to divide it into separate notes. Making handy notes of the subjects as you study the chapters can assist not only in recalling the main aspects, but also remember the themes in the future. This also helps in maintaining the practice of writing for theoretical subjects. This will not only enhance writing speed but will also help in dividing the syllabus in a concise manner.


Company Law is one subject in the CS Curriculum which lays down the basics for other subjects like taxation laws. Each topic must be examined in-depth and students must come up with a comprehensive plan. An effort should be made to tackle the most challenging topics first. This will assist the student in resolving any doubts they may have about those topics before the exam. After this, the time comes to solve example papers once the study materials and books are finished.  This helps in getting better knowledge and an approximate notion of what the actual exam would be like.


Company law is the core in a Company Secretary’s life. It is important for the student to choose the right study material. It is important to decide one book from which the student plans to study and stick to it till the end. It is advisable to always keep a pencil in hand while reading to underline or highlight the crux of the provision, write meanings or examples, write the steps of any procedure in the margin in short, etc. This helps in quick revision one night before exam. Do not change reference books a few months before the exam. The syllabus is vast and it will only get the student baffled to see a new book when the brain is bursting with exam pressure. Student is advised to refer to old question papers and write at least one answer a day which will gradually improve the writing skills. Writing practice is a must for theory papers.


Maximum questions are based on Case laws in the CS Executive exam. Adding a case law to each answer makes it more effective and leaves a good impression on the teacher reviewing your answer sheet. This indicates that a student is working through the case and is well prepared to respond to it. In particular, the company secretary has various law subjects and is required to study and consult on legal cases. It is important for a CS to keep case laws in mind. During exam preparation, reading legal cases helps students understand legal concepts in practice.

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