Top 5 commerce courses you should enroll in after the 12th

In a globalized world, trade has witnessed a rebirth. Students’ interest in business has grown in recent decades, resulting in a plethora of new commerce courses offered to students once they complete their 12th grade. These courses are profession and industry-focused, and they provide various prospects for commerce students as career options after 12th commerce.

In India, commerce is a popular subject among HSC (10+2) students. Candidates who studied Commerce in Class 11th-12th are able to pick from a variety of courses at the graduate level, allowing them to pursue a variety of professional options. Commerce students have a number of advantages over Arts students, including the ability to enroll in both Commerce and Arts courses. AJ Education Next is the best CA institute in Mumbai, to build your career in the finance and accounting field.

What Comes Next After Completing 12th Grade in the Commerce Stream?

This is the question that everyone is asking. What comes next as career options after 12th commerce? Many people just enroll in a bachelor’s degree program in business, only to discover that they now need to earn a master’s degree to enter the job of their choosing. Some just accept the idea that they will have to work in a field they dislike.

Today’s world is very different. You can enroll in commerce courses after the 12th that will immediately lead to a job in a field of your choice after graduation. All you need to know is what topic and job you want to pursue.

The best Courses after 12th Commerce are listed here:

1.Bachelor of Economics-

This is identical to a B.Com degree, except you get to specialize in economics. The Bachelor of Economics offers a blend of fundamental and advanced economics, with students receiving an in-depth grasp of micro and macroeconomic issues.

The Bachelor of Economics degree program is a three-year program that is offered by all of the major colleges as courses after 12th Commerce. It provides openings for you to become an economist, a Ph.D. holder, and to take competitive tests.

2. Certified Financial Planner (CFP) –

Those considering a career in personal finance, asset management, insurance planning, or mutual fund investing might consider taking a CFP course. In order to work as a Certified Financial Planner, or CFP, one must have this credential.

3.Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)-

This course, which is offered by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICWAI), is also highly valuable for commerce students. According to an expert at one of the CA inter coaching classes in Mumbai, a Cost Accountant’s tasks include keeping accounting records, cost auditing, and aiding in product development, control, and costing.

Individual practice as a CMA is an option, as is working in the public or commercial sectors in fields such as cost auditing, certification, and consultancy. The role of a Cost Accountant differs from that of a Financial Accountant in that the former assists with manufacturing operations and procedures.

4.Chartered Accountancy (CA)-

This is the most popular and in-demand professional education for anyone interested in pursuing a successful and rewarding career in business. Chartered Accountancy offers the door to fascinating employment prospects such as Tax Consultant, Auditor, Advisor, Financial Officer, and others. Independent practice is also an option.

CA, on the other hand, is an extremely demanding and sophisticated course that demands a lot of hard work and honest efforts in order to pass. AJ Education Next, one of the best CA classes in Mumbai has a rigorous curriculum and the right attitude towards learning fostered by its expert staff which has helped its students garner success in CA exams.

It may be simple to pass the first level, but progressing to the subsequent levels, such as Intermediate (IPCC) and CA Finals, becomes incredibly difficult. Only with whole commitment and constant work will one be able to complete the program successfully.

5.Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance-

If you appreciate numbers and want to start a profession as a career option after 12th commerce, this is one of the best degrees to do after 12th. You will master the principles of accounting and financial management as well as practical accounting and financial management. This is often a three-year program, and some colleges name it a Bachelor of Finance and Accounting degree. You can acquire a job after graduation or continue your education to become a Financial Analyst or Chartered Accountant.

Commerce is a fascinating topic of study with a great deal of importance and relevance in today’s society. AJ Next provides the best IPCC classes in Mumbai at an affordable cost. There are several career options after 12th commerce with promising prospects, but the most essential factor is to select a topic that you enjoy. As a result, pick one of the above-mentioned courses and embark on a pleasant and rewarding career.

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